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A simple and low cost plug-and-play device to the market, easy to install, with an intelligent and intuitive web platform.


Sensorbox, MonitoringTelemetry for all!

The Sensorbox is a complete monitoring solution, that consists of hardware and a web platform. Among the main functions of the device are measuring the eletric level and oscillations, battery voltage of UPS systems or DC Source ,temperature, humidity environment factors, energy efficiency, security alarms, and others. Also allows switch ON or OFF any devices remotely.


Complete monitoring solution!

Using the Sensorbox WEB platform or SNMP and BOT systems

PRTG        Nagios        Cacti RRDTool        Zabbix        Telegram Bot

Sensorbox Team

Engineers with over 19 years of experience, gathered in one goal: telemetry for all.

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