Created for specific applications may increase with external modules.

 Embedded applications and external boxes of urban video surveillance and signaling;
 Restaurants, ice cream shops, laboratories, hospitals, nurseries, greenhouses;
  Structures on top of towers, buildings, suppliers, etc.

Allows monitoring:

  1 DC input: from 9 to 60V, ex: isolated batteries or series of UPS or solar systems;
  2 inputs for temperature sensor, allowing expansion to up 4 sensors MT-118 per input;

Supports the following external modules connected to your serial port:

  MR-103: 3 relays for remote control;
  MC-108: 8 Tamper inputs (alarm by dry contact, such as fire, smoke, magnetic, etc.);
  MT-111: Temperature and Humidity Sensor;
  MA-201 (AC) or MD-201 (DC): 3 x AC (110/220V) ou 1 DC (9 a 500V).

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We have found a big problem that affects the markets for mobile and fixed telephony, radio repeaters, data centers, hospitals, clinics and restaurants, and many others.

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